City of Seattle Tech Survey


The City of Seattle surveys residents every four years to determine the level of broadband and other technology access and adoption.  The research covers internet and mobile access, motivations and barriers to access, civic engagement, use of social media, and more.  In 2018, the City will invite nearly 20,000 residents to take part in the 2018 survey.

The City of Seattle believes that increasing access to technology and the internet improves quality of life in our city.  The findings will help the City as it strives to ensure the access, services, and resources necessary for all Seattle residents to succeed in life.

Who Is Being Asked To Respond

This survey is being conducted among adults (18 years old and older) residing within the city limits of Seattle.  Those selected to participate were randomly chosen and represent a cross-section of Seattle residents  from all different walks of life. 

We ask that each household invited to take the survey only fill it out once.  Also, the survey should be filled out by a person who can answer questions about the household’s use of technology and the internet.  If you need help completing it, feel free to ask another household member to assist you in filling it out.

City of Seattle Partnership

The City of Seattle has partnered with Pacific Market Research to conduct this survey among Seattle residents.  You can learn more about the City’s digital equity efforts at or call the City of Seattle and speak with either Chance Hunt (206) 256-5166 or Seferiana Day (206) 256-5489.

Link to City of Seattle website for more information on this study:

Extra Materials

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