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Custom Insights

Pacific Market Research provides consumer and human behavioral insights and ensures your strategy is rooted in market truth.  When you need answers to the unique questions and challenges facing your business or organization, we provide the direction to propel your business forward.

The intelligence that decisions deserve. 

With the widespread call for data-driven decision making, marketing research demands a seat at the table.  Your insights and research partner must be fluent in marketing and communications strategy.  They should enable your success as you connect internal and external data to strategic decision-making.  Pacific Market Research provides consumer and human behavioral insights and ensures your strategy is rooted in market truth.  When you need answers to the unique questions and challenges facing your business or organization, we provide the direction to propel your business forward.

What can you expect from Pacific?

We pledge to be innovative, flexible and responsive.  We commit to listening and to learning about your business from you and through our own intelligence gathering.  We promise to think deeply and creatively while being responsible stewards of your research dollars. 

“(Pacific Custom Insights) expressed genuine care and respect for the subject matter and our goals with the survey. Other vendors clearly understood what we were trying to achieve, but the team at Pacific seemed particularly invested in our work, interested in the subject matter, and willing to explore nuances and details that would deepen what we learned. They helped us think about aspects of the data we could collect that never would have occurred to us and their own curiosity about the work helped them ask the right questions during data analysis so that we could extract meaning from the data we had gathered. They were a true thought partner in every sense of the word.”



For more than 20 years, Pacific Market Research has been in the business of creating customized solutions to your business problems employing best in class primary research techniques, both qualitative and quantitative.  We provide secondary research and analysis to support our primary research efforts and we are experienced at combining your internal or purchased datasets with external primary data.  Combining data and insights from multi-sources results in a comprehensive and single view of the marketplace and the consumers who operate in the market. 

Our Custom Research team is highly experienced across verticals and offers expertise in:

  • New Product Development

  • Creative Concept Development

  • Brand Equity / Positioning

  • Advertising Effectiveness

  • Ethnography

  • Focus Groups

  • IDI’s

  • Attitude Awareness and Usage (AAU)

  • Positioning Studies

  • Product Feature Development

  • Pricing

    • Pricing Sensitivity

    • Elasticity

  • Concept Testing

  • Message Testing

  • Segmentation / Need Discovery

  • CSAT

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Market Sizing

  • Win – Loss Research

  • Brand Health

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Current Research

Seattle Tech Survey:  Pacific Market Research has partnered with the City of Seattle to conduct a study on how Seattle residents use technology and the internet, as well as understand the barriers that prevent residents from getting connected.

Current Research


2019 State Employer Needs and Practices Survey







We’re proud to partner with brands and organizations open to challenging how research is done and what it can do, including:


Data Collection


Data is the raw material that fuels information and insights — but if your collection approach isn’t rigorous, the validity of your data always will be suspect. Our difference: the people, processes and project management to ensure precise, high-quality collection every time.

Pacific Market Research is the largest data collection firm in the Pacific Northwest. We believe that open communication, meticulous organization, careful process controls and a client-centered approach are the best ways to ensure collection project success. Our capabilities include:

Telephone data collection

A 200-seat CATI telephone center in Seattle, with among the largest multi-language interviewing capabilities in the country and on-staff bilingual monitors, managers and translators. With our training/monitoring standards and in-country call center, we’re regularly entrusted with large-scale tracking studies handling important customers and customer data.

Web data collection

A robust in-house web survey department to handle even the most complex surveys, multi-country projects and panel relationships to find the right sample for each project.

In-person interviewing throughout The U.S. to measure difficult to reach audiences

We regularly conduct transportation surveys at airports and stadiums, and on mass transit routes. We interview at workplaces, from fishing boats to manufacturing plants, and we manage large scale in-store, shop-along and mystery shop projects. We also hire, train and supervise Native American interviewers when clients request data collection on tribal lands.

Focus group and usability recruiting

We can recruit and manage focus groups across the country, and we handle usability recruiting for some of the largest telecom, software and gaming companies in the U.S.

Legal research

Our quality controls and experience have allowed us to manage critical legal research for the U.S. Department of Justice, change-of-venue research for high-profile criminal trials, federal anti-trust cases and voting rights cases that have been vetted in state supreme courts and federal appeals courts.

High-sensitivity/high-security data collection

We’re among a handful of firms approved for high-security government projects, allowing us to handle Federal Taxpayer Information and other secure data for the IRS and Department of Education; to work with Department of Defense secure data; and to handle personal health information and other HIPAA data for health organizations. We also manage sensitive and high-value customer interactions on behalf of our clients.

Other techniques

Whether it’s address-based sampling (ABS) or newer qualitative techniques like online bulletin boards, mobile interviewing and social media research, we can help identify the best fit for your objectives.