Designing a New University Degree Program

Degree Program Design and Launch:

university case study image.jpg

A top tier regional university sought to better compete for the limited pool of prospective students by optimizing curriculum, format and pricing of its online degree offering and determining the ideal marketing mix to attract applicants.


Challenges: Study needed to establish a deep understanding of student needs that would draw them to their institution and away from less expensive and less rigorous alternatives as well as create the optimal program configuration based on demand.



Approach: Choice-based experimental design where prospective students created their ideal program based on a variety of potential program features and pricing along with Van Westendorp price sensitivity meter, and Latent Class Segmentation Analysis. 



How We Delivered: Pacific recommended an optimal set of program features, delivered a dynamic market simulator to demonstrate enrollment based on trade-offs of features versus pricing, and developed strategic market positioning to maximize the university’s ability to compete against other for profit and not for profit institutions in its region.