Modeling the Impact of Brand Partnerships

Overview: A global company sought to measure the efficacy and influence of brand partnerships and conjoined marketing efforts. Additionally, to assist in future negotiations, there was a desire to identify the most appealing latent partnerships and their potential impact, on both the client’s brand and the partner brand.

Challenge: Determine the effect of previous and potential brand partnerships, within eight global markets and across various product lines, by measuring the impact of past brand partnerships on key metrics within various population segments, and model the relative benefit of said partnerships to determine maximum reach.

Approach: Measure independent brand metrics in conjunction with conjoined visual testing of brand partnerships to determine overall fit and lift. 

How We Delivered: Pacific executed an evaluation of conjoined simulations using an experimental design to present imagery of the various components of the brand partnership. The results were used to model actual delivery of the brand partnership resulting in a final score card for each partnership.  This provided our client the ability to identify the most rewarding partnerships for maximum lift and negotiate these partnerships to optimize ROI.