Public Opinion Polling

We execute public policy research rigorously and professionally, delivering the information and analysis to help you better understand issues and impacts from all perspectives; inform all important stakeholders; and empower decision-makers with clarity and confidence.


Do you have challenges understanding the concerns of certain populations? Do you need to capture a full representation of stakeholders from multiple cultures? Do you need data that will stand up to legal scrutiny? Do you have a data need that seems to defy traditional collection methods? Pacific Market Research can offer the insight, roadmap and services you need to do opinion polling right.


Government & Non-Profit
Pacific Market Research is among the largest data collection companies on the West Coast, with significant experience handling regional, national and international research. We manage telephone and online data collection; recruit for qualitative focus groups, in-depth interviews and usability tests; and perform in-person interviewing. We have substantial Spanish and Asian language interviewing capabilities, and we’re among a handful of firms approved to engage in high-security government projects, allowing us to handle Federal Taxpayer Information and other secure data for the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Education and others.

To accommodate the emphasis many of our governmental and non-profit clients place on sampling and fielding best practices, we’re fully capable of managing studies that require refusal aversion and conversion, multiple dial attempts for each sample record, wireless household interviews, proxy interviews, and complex and lengthy study briefings.

Government Entities

Our strict quality and process measures, experience, data security and honest, attentive project management make Pacific especially well-suited to government research. We interview residents and businesses on behalf of national, state and municipal agencies across a broad range of subjects, including education, public services, taxation, student loans, exports, healthcare, recycling, technology and transportation. 

We conduct ongoing tracking research, ad hoc projects and recruiting for a wide variety of agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Department of Education, as well as the Washington State Department of Transportation, the City of Seattle and Pierce County, Washington.

Non-Profit Institutions

Pacific is pleased to provide a broad variety of non-profit institutions with polling and public policy research services. We’ve conducted small ad hoc and large multi-year tracking projects on behalf of non-profits, and our clients include AARP, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Vision and Goodwill. Our work for other non-profits has addressed subjects including education, animal welfare, voting issues and public health. No matter the client, we’re sensitive to non-profits’ budgetary and research methodology concerns, and we approach these challenges with creative thinking and a partnership mentality.