Pacific Market Research is thrilled that the results of the City of Seattle’s Technology Access and Adoption Study are now publicly available.  Pacific was the research partner to the City for this comprehensive view into Seattle residents' access and adoption of internet and technology and provided the research, data analysis and reporting. 

Mayor Jenny Durkin does a tremendous job of describing the study and it’s benefit to the City of Seattle in her cover letter to the public facing report:

“For the fifth time since 2000, the City of Seattle has conducted a Technology Access and Adoption study to understand how our city’s residents are using information and communications technology, and uncover the barriers that prevent true digital equity in Seattle. This year, we heard from 4,315 Seattle residents that reflect our city’s broad diversity. Households were randomly selected to participate, and for the first time, we can share their responses both at overall population and City Council district levels.

Here’s the good news: Seattle residents are more connected than ever. 95% of households report internet access in the place where they live (an increase of 10% since 2014). Additionally, we have seen growth in internet-connected device ownership, especially smartphones, with 98% of residents owning at least one device in their home.

However, we are also seeing significant gaps in access, particularly in low-income and insecurely-housed populations. People living in these communities are five to seven times more likely to lack adequate access to the internet than the average Seattle resident. Overall, whether it is cost, access or skills, most residents report some level of stress or limitation in using digital technology.”

We are incredibly proud of this work and hope you will take the time to read the diverse set of materials that are now available.  To download the Public Report or detailed Technical Report, and to access the data through the custom Interactive Dashboard, please visit: 

Are you interested in implementing a similar investigation into Digital Access and Digital Equity in your municipality?  Please contact John Cell at Pacific Market Research to discuss how we can help serve the needs of your community.

John Cell
Director – Custom Insights

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