Managing Directors


Mark Rosenkranz

Mark Rosenkranz is a Founder and Managing Director of Pacific Market Research.  As a Principal of Pacific, Mark co-founded the company and continues to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm.  The company has grown from a data collection company with fifteen interviewing stations to a multifaceted and growing custom market research firm.

Mark has served on the Board of the Puget Sound Research Forum, a market research organization, for seven years and has twice been President of the organization.

Mark is also an attorney, and practiced law for five years in both New York and Washington State, focusing on several different areas of law, including criminal defense and business law.


Andrew Rosenkranz

Andrew Rosenkranz is a Founder and Managing Director of Pacific Market Research.  Andrew focuses on supporting Pacific’s financial management, and operational and technology growth. Andrew’s priority is making sure Pacific has the infrastructure to support our clients effectively, stay current, and provide best practices research and strategic guidance.

Andrew started as a telephone interviewer back in the late 80s, and has loved observing and participating in the evolution of the research industry. Andrew holds a BA from Washington University in St. Louis, and an MBA from the University of Washington.

Andrew is married and lives in Seattle with his three kids, three chickens, two cats, and one hamster.

Custom Insights


Chelsea Benning

Director of Design and Analysis

Chelsea Benning is the Director of Design and Analysis for Pacific Market Research. Along with John Cell, Chelsea heads up the Custom Insights Division at Pacific.  With a tenure in marketing research that stretches over the last twenty years, Chelsea has discovered that research is not only a science, but an art, and that the combination of these two disciplines allows research to go beyond data and numbers to deliver insights that drive impactful change.  Because of this passion, experience and knowledge; Chelsea’s insights help companies not just grow, but evolve.

Chelsea began her career at a boutique research firm in the Pacific Northwest. Since then Chelsea has been the driving force behind over 1000 marketing research projects, and has managed and implemented over 10 million dollars in marketing research dollars. 

Chelsea studied at the University of Washington, where she holds a BASW (with an emphasis in Quantitative Reasoning). Her post graduate work includes the completion of Principals of Marketing Research from the University of Georgia and certification in Advanced Statistical Analysis Techniques and Methodology from SPSS.  Recently, Chelsea is focused on the evolving research methodologies that study the intersection between stated consumer behavior and actual modeled behavior in a real world setting in order to accurately predict the performance of the marketplace when changes in the marketing mix are introduced.  

In her free time, Chelsea focuses on introducing her son to all the many cultures of the world and working on her goal of visiting all seven continents by 2020.


John Cell

Senior Director of Custom Insights

John Cell is a Director at Pacific Market Research. John fosters relationships and guides clients with his marketing research know-how.

John joined Pacific Market Research’s custom research team in 2013 and has been an integral part of Pacific Market Research’s success ever since. John has been working in the marketing research industry for over twenty years and has deep experience with healthcare, technology, energy, retail, and government clients.  

John arrived in Seattle in 1994 with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology, a suitcase and a limited amount of time to vacate his mother-in-law’s condominium.  A temporary placement landed him at Endresen Research where he was quickly schooled in healthcare research and project management. John moved to Gilmore Research Group where he acquired an understanding of the needs of a diverse client base over a decade of employment. 

While he still enjoys ping pong or a pick-up basketball game, John’s athletic interests are now primarily relegated to watching his son play baseball and hoping the Mariners catch fire someday.  Still a Carolina boy at heart, he chooses to live in the Northwest to be close to his wife’s large family and because it’s beautiful out here.


Mary Spain

Project Director

Mary Spain is currently the Project Director at Pacific Market Research. Mary works closely with the custom team to create a relationship with clients that goes beyond the contract to create a deliverable that exceeds their expectations.

Mary has a vast and encompassing background in market research that spans thirty years. She has experience in most (if not all) facets of a marketing research company; with experience in business development, data collection, project management, and as an owner of a research firm.

Mary is dynamic, not afraid to use emerging strategies and tools to develop insights past just numbers. Mary enjoys using innovative research techniques including both qualitative (ranging from one-on-one in depth interviews and online bulletin boards, to in-person and remote in-store ethnographies using wearable technology) and quantitative (ranging from advanced software tools like conjoint to traditional phone interviews).


Rachel Austin

Custom Insights Research Manager

Rachel has become an integral part of the custom research team at Pacific Market Research since joining the staff as a Custom Insights Research Manager in 2013. Rachel is primarily focused on creating deliverables that accommodate our clients’ needs, which vary from designing tables representative of the data to customized reports. Rachel enjoys all aspects of market research, but has a passion for working with data.

Rachel brings over sixteen years of research experience to her role as CustomInsights Research Manager. Rachel distinguishes herself with her attention to study objectives, methodology adherence and strong organizational skills. So it’s no surprise that clients love working with her.

Rachel received her BA from McGill University in Urban Economic Geography. Rachel is a true Northwest outdoors woman, and has climbed Mount Rainer (14,409 feet!) five times.

Robert Kazmi.jpg

Robert Kazmi

Custom Insights Research Manager

Robert Kazmi is a Custom Insights Research Manager at Pacific Market Research. He works with our varied clientele on study design, execution and analysis and prides himself on honing insights to drive successful business strategies. Robert works with Chelsea, Mary, Rachel and our entire team to ensure all aspects of the study are completed accurately and efficiently. He is committed to providing clients with superior service and the highest quality deliverables.

Robert has over 6 years of experience designing, managing, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative research studies. He has worked on research projects across multiple verticals, including technology, healthcare, real estate, government/utilities, business to business (B2B), and on/offline retail. He relies on a variety of statistical and analytical approaches including segmentation, conjoint analysis, driver analysis and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Prior to joining Pacific in 2017, Robert held a similar role with Ipsos, a global market research firm. Robert received his BA in Marketing from Washington State University.

Robert has long been an outdoorsman and active community volunteer – born out of his days as an Eagle Scout.  These days, Robert spends most of his time with his wife and two young children.

Research and Operations


Christine Jones

Director of Project Management

Christine leads the Project Management Department, helping project managers and clients reach their research goals. Christine has over twenty years of research experience coordinating and managing a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including telephone and online surveys, controlled store tests, home-placement product trials, usability recruiting, and business to business executive studies nationwide and internationally.

Christine is the voice of reason at Pacific Market Research and is currently responsible for the entirety of the data collection process. This consists of overseeing all aspects of a project, including questionnaire review, evaluation and purchase of sampling resources, quota and data collection management, quality control assurance, timing and cost analysis. Over her career she has successfully managed over 500 research projects ranging in size and from tiny to downright enormous.

Christine is committed to keeping abreast of the changing landscape of the market research community. Christine regularly engages in continuing education through membership in AAPOR, Puget Sound Research Forum, University of Georgia, MRA, and the American Marketing Academy.

In Christine’s free time she does the best she can managing her four eccentric girls.


Natalie Lutz

Web Programming and Sampling Director

Natalie Lutz is Web Programming and Sampling Director at Pacific Market Research. Natalie manages all web surveys and manages relationships with panels to ensure quality information. 

Natalie has worked at Pacific Market Research since 1998, and was the first employee at Pacific, back when the “office” was a table at Starbucks. Natalie has been in the market research industry for more than twenty-five years. Each year Natalie manages hundreds of web projects, both ad hoc and tracking surveys, in the US and around the globe. And, as Natalie’s clients know, she doesn’t shy away from complexity, handling multi-country, multi-language, and conjoint programs with aplomb. 

Natalie went to the University of Texas. Natalie is also a past president of the Puget Sound Research Forum.

She lives in Seattle with her husband, two kids and three pet frogs.


Phil Styf

IT Director

Phil Styf is the IT and CATI Programming Director. Phil oversees both departments with transparent communication and attention to detail. Phil is responsible for the oversight of all research projects involving phone surveys as well as company-wide security and confidentiality concerns.

Phil is a seasoned professional who works tirelessly to ensure every product leaving Pacific Market Research is clean, accurate, and valid. Phil’s understanding of how to leverage technology to meet our clients’ objectives is certainly impressive, maybe even a little scary. Under Phil’s watch, his department has passed multiple external audits in regard to the work completed for the IRS to ensure respondent and data confidentiality.  In addition to his responsibilities as CATI Programming Director, Phil oversees IT infrastructure. Phil previously worked with a major government contractor.

In Phil’s free time he cooks incredible meals for his family and tries to protect his family’s furniture from his two Great Danes.

Jessie Wolf

Programming Manager

Jessie Wolf is a Programming Manager. Jessie works with the programming department to create and administer surveys. Jessie maintains an open dialogue with clients to create the best survey possible. Jessie has spent the last twenty years in the research world. She started in qualitative research, cutting her teeth with Cunningham Field & Research Services. After Cunningham, Jessie joined Pacific Market Research in 2000.

Jessie is an excellent programmer and describes her ability as “high level programming chops.” Jessie can handle multi-mode studies, moving between telephone, online, mobile, and in-person research. She works with high-complexity research, sometimes programming individual projects in up to ten languages, and handling all of Latino Decisions’ programming efforts. She also handles legal research projects with strict sampling requirements, and research methodologies like conjoint and discrete choice. Jessie breaks the mold of a typical programmer and is a people person, and clients love to work with her. She is Pacific Market Research’s official party planner, and controls the annual bowling tournament with an iron fist.

When not programming and making clients happy, Jessie loves sushi, wings, and the great outdoors.


Ben Abuachi

Human Resources Manager

Ben Abuachi is the Human Resources Manager at Pacific Market Research. Ben works closely with all departments to ensure our call centers and field operations are fully staffed to support our clients’ work. He is also involved in supporting employees by administering company benefits, healthcare, and handling all things HR.

Ben has been with the company since 2002 and has worked his way up from an entry level position to a Production Lead to a Supervisor to then Operations Manager and now is our Human Resources Manager.

He was born in Nigeria and came to the country in 1993 with his two brothers and moved to the Seattle area in 1995 from North Carolina. He began his college education at Bellevue College before finishing and earning his Bachelors in Business Management at the University of Phoenix. He is an avid sports fan and his greatest wish would be to one day see the Super Sonics back in Seattle and/or the Mariners win the World Series. Ben is married and a father to four beautiful children.